The Kiss


Leaning close feeling your nearness
trembling to the current
that just entered my body
shot from the top of my head
to the tip of my toes
as your lips barely touched mine
lips parting timid anticipation
your hand under my chin
as you gaze into my eyes
a soft tear falls as my eyelids close
tongue reaching to meet yours
eager to swallow your soul
deep deeper immersed in you
the world vanishes
I am aware of nothing but you
I have become the kiss the desire
you are all that exists 

© Dorianna 2012



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6 Responses to The Kiss

  1. every line is so touching, so delicate and so romantic!

  2. Bajanpoet says:


    When i grow up I want to write like you do….. I agree … EVERY LINE is AWESOME…

  3. orange says:

    just beautiful

  4. Cheryl Headford says:

    Beautiful description of a kiss. Makes me want to kiss like that

  5. manishnift says:

    Really Really very nice ….. Love the lines 🙂

  6. SolsticeHeart says:

    As beautiful as you….

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