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One Soul Created by Two

sing me your blues I’ll change the hues to a melodious rainbow of joy reveal your painful scars I’ll venture as far as it takes to heal your wounds two hearts open wide our revitalizing guide love will claim our souls embracing every joyful sigh consoling when you cry rectifying tears with kisses you’re my […]

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Delirium Of Luxuria

  a delirium of luxuriashe is every sweet tasteinundating his sensesbeautifying his days she dances across his skinlike a caressing breezeembrace of a tropical suna rainbow somatesthesia every moment in her armssensory stimulationintoxicated immersionin euphoric sensation a heavenly personificationhis earthly delectationsuperior to his expectationa delirium of luxuria ©Dorianna 2013 All Rights Reserved

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Whispers Of Your Heart

  it’s not the things you say tho your words light up my day it’s not the things you do enticing me in wanting you it’s the whispers of your heart emotions you don’t vocally impart silent oaths your heart’s sweet coo that keeps me loving you © Dorianna 2012

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Tender Trap

    Her eyes said ‘Come hither’ her mouth pursed for his kiss swaying in anticipation her body sighed in arousing sensuality her heart beat the rhythm of desire her soul sent the arrow of love he heard her unspoken adoration responded to the passionate pulsation willingly he surrendered to the tender trap © Dorianna […]

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Passion Flower

  As the flower bursts forth in loving brilliance unfolding in revealed glory languished in the warmth of a sunny spring day  In feminine mystique  with yearning sighs she spreads her delicate petals to warmly embrace the heat of his passion © Dorianna 2012  

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The Gift

  In diaphanous attire she waits peering out the window impatient for his arrival he is unaware the gift she has intended Sensual surrender full-blown concupiscence an ache in her loins from the love in her soul desire prolonged emancipated she will be his woman tonight She smiles to herself he will be delighted excitedly […]

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Sweet Torture

  Torture me slowly with your teasing til desire has me pleading gasping for my breath until your body is my craving from deep within my loins to sheath you in my chamber to feel your waters flow until the point of satiation torture me with pleasure consuming you is my salvation © Dorianna 2011 […]

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Prisoner to desire ~ you are my obsession bondage ~ captive to the agitation in your want Prisoner of lust ~ surrendered to the shackles bondage ~ possession on the altar of our lust Prisoner to you ~ the blood that gives me life bondage ~ erotic lover you’re the owner of my soul  © […]

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Paradox Creature

Like the wind’s kiss whispering softly blinding brilliance as an afternoon sun a paradox creature  delicate splendor untamed wildflower surrendered in his arms enraptured is his soul © Dorianna 2011

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