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Composer of Raindrops


Composer of raindrops
scribe of sensual verse

etch your words
onto my desire

sip your raindrop gems
from my skin

lick poetic syllables
become intoxicated

on passion’s juice
immerse yourself in the satiation

© Dorianna 2011






A kiss ~ so deep ~ I drown

© Dorianna 2011



Prisoner to desire ~ you are my obsession
bondage ~ captive to the agitation in your want

Prisoner of lust ~ surrendered to the shackles
bondage ~ possession on the altar of our lust

Prisoner to you ~ the blood that gives me life
bondage ~ erotic lover you’re the owner of my soul 

© Dorianna 2011


Gates of Hell


To taste of your forbidden fruits

I’d walk through the gates of hell

© Dorianna 2011





Drink from my fountain

of sensuality

Waves of ecstasy

will wash over you

© Dorianna 2011

Molten Lava



Your spell has been cast


I’m molten lava


every time your


lips touch mine

© Dorianna 2011





Prepared is the sensual banquet

feast on my delicacies

imbibe of my burgundy



rapaciously devour

nectar flows copiously

taste me I am sated

© Dorianna 2011





Caught in the coaxing of your foreplay

© Dorianna 2011



I’ll be tender with my kiss

caress with a gentle embrace

when I get down to loving you

with my teeth I’ll leave my name




Torrential Love


Engage me

in your stormy passion


Bathe me

in your rain-shower


Own me

in a torrential downpour

© Dorianna




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