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Lover to Tease

a lovely bouquet from her lover to please buds bursting in lace her lover to tease ©dorianna    

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Interlude From Lucid Cries

  murmuring breathlesspassionate whispersvelvet shadows of desperation obscure needed logicinaudible pleasindulging soul’s stifled secrets diffuse thoughtswith burning desireinterlude from lucid cries ©dorianna 2010

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Ecstasy’s Wine

Wind your way around her curves follow the path to treasure valley slowly maneuver the deep incline imbibe the well’s riches ecstasy’s wine © Dorianna All Rights Reserved

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Down in Flames

  There is no disguising my temperature is rising whenever you’re beside me craving you inside me your touch ~ skin to skin warmth of slipping in passion climbing higher bodies heaped upon the pyre engulfed in fiery flames the ecstasy of lovers games © Dorianna 2012

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Tender Trap

    Her eyes said ‘Come hither’ her mouth pursed for his kiss swaying in anticipation her body sighed in arousing sensuality her heart beat the rhythm of desire her soul sent the arrow of love he heard her unspoken adoration responded to the passionate pulsation willingly he surrendered to the tender trap © Dorianna […]

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The Gift

  In diaphanous attire she waits peering out the window impatient for his arrival he is unaware the gift she has intended Sensual surrender full-blown concupiscence an ache in her loins from the love in her soul desire prolonged emancipated she will be his woman tonight She smiles to herself he will be delighted excitedly […]

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        The flame in my soul becomes the desire in my loins cloaked in the rapture of your touch © Dorianna 2011        

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Taste My Soul

  Taste my body taste my passion taste my need taste my ache taste my love taste my Soul taste me ravish me consume me until I exist no longer as myself alone I reside as one with you © Dorianna 2011

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Erotic Flight

  Disrobe my hips travel down the garden path Immerse yourself in the floral fragrance Become intoxicated with my hypnotic seduction The butterfly awaits your probing inception Delicate wings surrendering to the erotic flight © Dorianna 2011

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Moon Flower

  Exotic Moon flower beguiling mysterious beauty captivating subtle sensuality arousing hypnotic scent temptress of iniquitous luring possessor of seductive secrets cast your intoxicating spell charm the lover of my affections lure him to my erotic bedchamber I prepare the feast for his delight © Dorianna 2011

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