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Waiting Embrace


Staccato heartbeats
animated body
nerve endings tingling with excitement
lips ready
taste buds anticipating your kiss
arms reaching
ready to wrap around your neck
every pore awakened
experiencing the closeness of you
as you walk your way
towards my waiting embrace
whispering eternal promises of love

© Dorianna 2012



I No Longer Own


I no longer own my eyes
everywhere I look all I see is you

I no longer own my smile
dimples flashed with your loving whispers

I no longer own my lips
beckoned to your kisses day and night

I no longer own my tongue
taste of you its sensual delight

I no longer own my arms
to hold you close is their desire

I no longer own my fingertips
touch your skin to ignite your fire


I no longer own my hips
joined with yours to the rhythm of love

I no longer own my feet
they never fail to run to you

I no longer own my heart
your name in every heartbeat

I no longer own my breath
I inhale you full of life and exhale love

I no longer own my soul
I traded mine long ago for yours


I no longer own my will
the joy of us is now my purpose

I no longer own my blood
It is your essence coursing thru my veins

Every part of me belongs to you
you are the owner of my heart and soul

© Dorianna 2012


The Kiss

leaning close feeling your nearness
trembling to the currentthe kiss
that just entered my body
shot from the top of my head
to the tip of my toes
as your lips barely touched mine
lips parting
timid anticipation
your hand under my chin
as you gaze into my eyes
tear falls as my eyelids close
tongue reaching to meet yours
eager to swallow your soul
deep deeper immersed in you
the world vanishes
I am aware of nothing but you
I have become the kiss the desire
you are all that exists






Rose of Sharon

In my lover’s embrace

in the eyes in which he beholds me
I am more exquisite than a sunset
I am beautiful beyond description
I am unmatchable ~ irreplaceable
I am his ultimate pleasure
his dream fulfillment
my fragrance is his breath of life


I am what he treasures most
what he would die to protect
I am his eternal lover
in my lover’s eyes
in my lover’s soul
I reside in my lover’s heart
as the one and only rare
the magnificent Rose of Sharon


© Dorianna 2012


The Gift


In diaphanous attire
she waits
peering out the window
impatient for his arrival
he is unaware
the gift she has intended

Sensual surrender
full-blown concupiscence
an ache in her loins
from the love in her soul
desire prolonged
she will be his woman tonight

She smiles to herself
he will be delighted
excitedly endeared
his longanimity
has won her completely
her love has wings
her passion awakened
tonight they become one

© Dorianna 2011





I listen to the wind

          to hear

the whispers of your soul

© Dorianna 2011







You tickle me with a feather
my body responds with excitement
I giggle as our foreplay begins
stream of yearning overflows
playfulness becomes desire

You tickle my thoughts with love
soul responds with comforting sighs
leaping like a sprightly butterfly
your tenderness my daily refuge
adoring gaze springs tears of joy

My life is filled with rainbows
music of a thousand flutes
a chorus of heavenly voices
laughter resounds in my essence
you tickle my heart with life

© Dorianna 2011

Patterned Kisses


The sun pours through the grate

marks her naked back with stripes

his gaze set to memorizing

every detail of the pattern

he will follow every trail

with his midnight liquid kisses

© Dorianna 2011

Contours Of My Soul


Follow the curves

of my body

with your fingertips

as you discover

the contours

of my soul

© Dorianna 2011



Under the Sweating Moon




Under the sweating moon

I embrace my yearning

surrender to your urgings

partake of the completeness of you 

© Dorianna 2011




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