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Delirium Of Luxuria

a delirium of luxuria
she is every sweet taste
inundating his senses
beautifying his days

she dances across his skin
like a caressing breeze
embrace of a tropical sun
a rainbow somatesthesia

every moment in her arms
sensory stimulation
intoxicated immersion
in euphoric sensation

a heavenly personification
his earthly delectation
superior to his expectation
a delirium of luxuria

©Dorianna 2013 All Rights Reserved

Passion Flower


As the flower bursts forth
in loving brilliance
unfolding in revealed glory
languished in the warmth
of a sunny spring day


 In feminine mystique
 with yearning sighs
she spreads her delicate petals
to warmly embrace
the heat of his passion

© Dorianna 2012




I’ll be tender with my kiss

caress with a gentle embrace

when I get down to loving you

with my teeth I’ll leave my name






sensual oils of exotic scents
amber glow of candlelight

a fingertips massage
an electrical titillation

irrepressible desire
sensual sensations

a soothing stimulation
mesmerizing immersion

journey to the intoxicating
pleasances of Shangri-la




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