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Delirium Of Luxuria

  a delirium of luxuriashe is every sweet tasteinundating his sensesbeautifying his days she dances across his skinlike a caressing breezeembrace of a tropical suna rainbow somatesthesia every moment in her armssensory stimulationintoxicated immersionin euphoric sensation a heavenly personificationhis earthly delectationsuperior to his expectationa delirium of luxuria ©Dorianna 2013 All Rights Reserved

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Roar of the Fire

  You won’t find me in a whispermy hunger has a roarmy passion is on fireemblazoned to the coreis there craving in your pores heap our bodies upon the pyreunfold my passion and exploresink into the depths of my desirecrash the dam my fountain pours dare you burn with me forevermore © Dorianna 2013

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Every Woman For You

  Tease me with your smile court me with your words entice me with your danger intrigue me with your darkness undress me with your eyes explore me with your tongue rouse me with your touch Play me with your skill feed me with your passion water me with your lust devil or angel and […]

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Down in Flames

  There is no disguising my temperature is rising whenever you’re beside me craving you inside me your touch ~ skin to skin warmth of slipping in passion climbing higher bodies heaped upon the pyre engulfed in fiery flames the ecstasy of lovers games © Dorianna 2012

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Taste My Soul

  Taste my body taste my passion taste my need taste my ache taste my love taste my Soul taste me ravish me consume me until I exist no longer as myself alone I reside as one with you © Dorianna 2011

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Prisoner to desire ~ you are my obsession bondage ~ captive to the agitation in your want Prisoner of lust ~ surrendered to the shackles bondage ~ possession on the altar of our lust Prisoner to you ~ the blood that gives me life bondage ~ erotic lover you’re the owner of my soul  © […]

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  Drink from my fountain of sensuality Waves of ecstasy will wash over you © Dorianna 2011

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