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Climatic Rains

Slide inside for a sensual rideclimatic rains
rising high arching for more

taking flight in an erotic soar
blazing heat fires roar

intensity swells the depth of the well
lust ordained in climatic rains

© Dorianna 


Temple Virgin

up the precipitous temple walltemple virgin
a lovestruck suitor advances
the perilous ascent fraught with danger
an undaunted hero risking life

comely maiden object of his affections
watches his approach with avidity
from atop the temple shrine
adorned a virginal oblation
for her peasant love

© Dorianna 


Meditation of Passion


I pause in the sequella
lingering in your scent
immersed in your essence
drenched in love’s emotion

Not daring to breathe
not wanting to dispel
the bewitchment cast
upon my heart and soul

Warmth travels my skin
where your lips explored
Shivers follow my fingers
tracing where you consumed

Taste of you on my lips
skin to skin sensations
euphoric recollection
a meditation of passion

© Dorianna 2012


Passion Flower


As the flower bursts forth
in loving brilliance
unfolding in revealed glory
languished in the warmth
of a sunny spring day


 In feminine mystique
 with yearning sighs
she spreads her delicate petals
to warmly embrace
the heat of his passion

© Dorianna 2012




  Flower petals adorned 

  in dewdrops

loving gifts

 from passion’s rainfall

© Dorianna 2011

Earthy Love


Come to our hide-away tree house
you will be my manful Tarzan
I will be your beguiling Jane

We will feast on the entrancing
aphrodisiac of our passion
become intoxicated on love’s nectar

We’ll run naked through the woodland
wade barefoot in the babbling brook
make impassioned love on the emerald green


Bluebirds will chirp a lover’s song
afternoon sun will bask us in warmth
as we luxuriate in the afterglow of us

At dusk tree frogs will provide music
we’ll dance our tango under the stars
the moon will adorn our sensuality

Come my darling to our hide-away
honeymoon passion will be our pastime
gods themselves will applaud our earthy love

© Dorianna 2011

Erotic Flight


Disrobe my hips
travel down the garden path


Immerse yourself
in the floral fragrance

Become intoxicated
with my hypnotic seduction

The butterfly awaits
your probing inception


Delicate wings
surrendering to the erotic flight

© Dorianna 2011

Moon Flower


Exotic Moon flower
beguiling mysterious beauty

captivating subtle sensuality
arousing hypnotic scent


temptress of iniquitous luring
possessor of seductive secrets

cast your intoxicating spell
charm the lover of my affections


lure him to my erotic bedchamber
I prepare the feast for his delight

© Dorianna 2011

Sweet Torture


Torture me slowly with your teasing
til desire has me pleading
gasping for my breath

until your body is my craving
from deep within my loins
to sheath you in my chamber
to feel your waters flow

until the point of satiation
torture me with pleasure
consuming you is my salvation

© Dorianna 2011


Fire Moon


The moon burns red

orb of passion’s energy

kinetic force controls

voracity dominates


bodies howl

in sensual submission


passion’s flame ignites

yearning for pleasure incites

animalistic craving bites

questing for satiation

© Dorianna 2011

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