Scribe of Love

you are the scribescribe of love
upon my soul
you etch your desires
with the ink of passion

I capitulate to fulfill
each yearning, every need
till I complete you
with the fullness
of my soulful deeds

you complete me
with loving etchings
upon my soul
hieroglyphics of devotion
unwavering adoration

you are the scribe
upon my soul
your ink of passion
writes our destiny


17 thoughts on “Scribe of Love

  1. Seconding what Gabriella has said…this really has a nice sensuality to it. And I like the music you have playing as well!!

    1. Thank you Marina..the guitar player is a good friend and very talented musician. There is a link in the side bar with information about Evan and link to his site where you can hear his eclectic musical talents. On my other blog you can hear his musical composition to my lyrics. He is so talented he is always in demand for collaboration but I hope to do a song with him again in the future.

  2. Is it hot in here, or is it your words? The answer is an unequivocal: Yes! Sensuous can come of raunchy, but the trick as you display is to teasingly insinuate the passion. The readers mind will go where you lead. This is excellent work!

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