Rose of Sharon

In my lover’s embrace

in the eyes in which he beholds me
I am more exquisite than a sunset
I am beautiful beyond description
I am unmatchable ~ irreplaceable
I am his ultimate pleasure
his dream fulfillment
my fragrance is his breath of life


I am what he treasures most
what he would die to protect
I am his eternal lover
in my lover’s eyes
in my lover’s soul
I reside in my lover’s heart
as the one and only rare
the magnificent Rose of Sharon


© Dorianna 2012


5 thoughts on “Rose of Sharon

    1. Hello Buddah,
      There are several varieties of the Rose of Sharon. Almost always, however it implies ‘rare & unique beauty that is treasured’. This is the connotation intended in the poem in that the lover finds his love to possess rare qualities of unique beauty.

  1. Dissolved, no word or eye could ever touch at the hem of my sanctity. I am no longer to be found. It’s beautiful what you write…

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