Rose of Sharon

In my lover’s embrace

in the eyes in which he beholds me
I am more exquisite than a sunset
I am beautiful beyond description
I am unmatchable ~ irreplaceable
I am his ultimate pleasure
his dream fulfillment
my fragrance is his breath of life

I am what he treasures most
what he would die to protect
I am his eternal lover
in my lover’s eyes
in my lover’s soul
I reside in my lover’s heart
as the one and only rare
the magnificent Rose of Sharon

© Dorianna 2012


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5 Responses to Rose of Sharon

  1. I love this piece, intense yet soft.

  2. I love how lost the protagonist is, ’tis dreamy.

    How did you mean Rose of Sharon? I looked it up and found many contradicting meanings, or was that intended?

    • Dorianna says:

      Hello Buddah,
      There are several varieties of the Rose of Sharon. Almost always, however it implies ‘rare & unique beauty that is treasured’. This is the connotation intended in the poem in that the lover finds his love to possess rare qualities of unique beauty.

  3. Bajanpoet says:


  4. Pierre says:

    Dissolved, no word or eye could ever touch at the hem of my sanctity. I am no longer to be found. It’s beautiful what you write…

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