One Soul Created by Two

sing me your blues
I’ll change the hues
to a melodious rainbow of joy

reveal your painful scars
I’ll venture as far
as it takes to heal your wounds

two hearts open wide
our revitalizing guide
love will claim our souls

embracing every joyful sigh
consoling when you cry
rectifying tears with kisses

you’re my sun shining bright
magical starlit night
you give my aura radiance

like the eternal shore
to the ocean’s roar
a union time can’t undo

love’s roots go deep
my promise I’ll keep
never will I stray from you

decreed divine
you and I combined
one soul created by two

©dorianna all rights reserved

16 thoughts on “One Soul Created by Two

  1. What an interesting rhyme scheme: now you see it, now you don’t.
    That is exactly what rhyme should be like@ not quite predictable and such a treat when it appears.

  2. smiles…beautiful little love poem you got there…i too like how each little stanza could be a stand alone poem…i like the intimate commitment in this…

    1. thank you Brian..from reading your work, I am becoming aware that you are a committed person..happy that the intimate commitment reached you favorably.

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