Meditation of Passion


I pause in the sequella
lingering in your scent
immersed in your essence
drenched in love’s emotion

Not daring to breathe
not wanting to dispel
the bewitchment cast
upon my heart and soul

Warmth travels my skin
where your lips explored
Shivers follow my fingers
tracing where you consumed

Taste of you on my lips
skin to skin sensations
euphoric recollection
a meditation of passion

© Dorianna 2012


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2 Responses to Meditation of Passion

  1. Dannie Hill says:

    Passionate. A poem to light the fire of the soul and body!

  2. Bajanpoet says:

    Goddamn…. I love this poem …. passionate is an understatement…. I want to quote a piece of the poem as my favourite, but I can’t … the whole poem ROCKS….

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