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Lover to Tease


a lovely bouquet
from her lover
to please

buds bursting in lace
her lover
to tease





I desire you when I’m wicked
love you when I’m good
I crave you when I shouldn’t
surrender when I should
there isn’t any facet
of the complicated me
that will ever have enough of you
throughout eternity





Electric Hunger

You pulsate meelectric hunger
electric hunger
rainbow static desire
you are my soul
I am you
we are one energy

© Dorianna 


The flame in my soul

becomes the desire in my loins

cloaked in the rapture of your touch

© Dorianna 2011





Gates of Hell


To taste of your forbidden fruits

I’d walk through the gates of hell

© Dorianna 2011


Molten Lava



Your spell has been cast


I’m molten lava


every time your


lips touch mine

© Dorianna 2011





Prepared is the sensual banquet

feast on my delicacies

imbibe of my burgundy



rapaciously devour

nectar flows copiously

taste me I am sated

© Dorianna 2011


Passion’s Rain



the splatter of raindrops

 your tongue deep and moist

 taste of rain and passion

 spine-tingling sensations






I’ll be tender with my kiss

caress with a gentle embrace

when I get down to loving you

with my teeth I’ll leave my name




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