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Soul Dancing

  take hold my hand spin me round and aroundswaying in your arms I’m heaven bound rhythmic flutteringin a melodic trancefloating on a cloudtwo lovers dance hands around your neckhead upon your shoulderblood begins a boilbody to body smolder heart beat to heart beatpalpitating moonlight strollfeet never touch the grounddancing to the passion in your […]

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Whispers Of Your Heart

  it’s not the things you say tho your words light up my day it’s not the things you do enticing me in wanting you it’s the whispers of your heart emotions you don’t vocally impart silent oaths your heart’s sweet coo that keeps me loving you © Dorianna 2012

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Velvet Green Dream

  lying on the velvet greenI dreamremembrance of the gleamin your greeneyes, lit with flamesbodies dancedin a trancelicking at our lusttil we nearly burstovercome by the firehearts overflowingbrimming with love   

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Every Woman For You

  Tease me with your smile court me with your words entice me with your danger intrigue me with your darkness undress me with your eyes explore me with your tongue rouse me with your touch Play me with your skill feed me with your passion water me with your lust devil or angel and […]

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Climatic Rains

  Slide inside for a sensual ride rising high arching for more taking flight in an erotic soar blazing heat fires roar intensity swells the depth of the well lust ordained in climatic rains © Dorianna 2012  

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Tender Trap

    Her eyes said ‘Come hither’ her mouth pursed for his kiss swaying in anticipation her body sighed in arousing sensuality her heart beat the rhythm of desire her soul sent the arrow of love he heard her unspoken adoration responded to the passionate pulsation willingly he surrendered to the tender trap © Dorianna […]

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Temple Virgin

  Up the precipitous temple wall a lovestruck suitor advances the perilous ascent fraught with danger an undaunted hero risking life the comely maiden object of his affections watches his approach with avidity from atop the temple shrine adorned a virginal oblation for her peasant love © Dorianna 2012    

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  On a fragrant bed of roses she writhes in anticipation his eyes following her seduction intoxicated by her bold desire immersed in his craving to taste to know her more completely heartbeat racing love flowed from his heart into his passion sealed with a kiss to start the fire they consummate a promise of […]

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   You lifted me on winds of awakening, waves of love, rays of passion and set me free © Dorianna 2012

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Amber Glow

  In the amber glow dungeon candlelight I wait for you shackled by my desire each ticking minute aching hunger twitching tension internal screaming clawing at my invisible prison Hell’s blaze rising within my loins I am an incinerator of base desire ~ mania biting lips . dripping heat the holy torture . your withholding […]

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