A Lover’s Banter

This poem is a collaboration between myself and my friend~ Dr Sunil Kalmath, a medical doctor by profession,  who enjoys photography https://www~facebook~com/www~nouveau~in and writing poetry https://twitter~com/DrLighthunter as hobbies~ We were doing a little wordplay bantering on twitter~ I found his words a refreshing, romantic and sometimes steamy response to my verses~ I invited him to collaborate on a poem to share with my readers~ Thank you for reading our love play with words~


A Lover’s Banter

She: you smiled ~ sun rose  ~ felt the warmth ~ your embrace thawed my heart
He: the core ~ of ~ your need ~ coming alive ~ under ~ my gentle attention
She: just a wisp ~  your gentle touch ~ moves me ~ to emotion ~ and need
He: drawing out ~ the wait ~ a silent whisper ~ of more ~ to come

She: shape my lips ~ stamp my mouth with your kiss ~ brand me as yours
He: I get up close ~ I breathe you deep ~ we dance in tune ~ in step we keep
She: your kiss of fire ~ searing touch ~ depths of my passion ~ lost in desire
He: night is young ~ our spirits wild ~ my fingers itch ~ exploring ~ learning ~ melting ~ to be one

She: we make our mark ~ in the dark ~ set our sparks ~ among celestial stars ~ revealing fire in our souls
He: unbridled heat ~ crashing thunderbolt ~ sparks so fly ~ a giant be roused ~ in warm delight
She:  pour your passion over me ~ satisfy my hunger ~ rise to desire ~ fill me with your fire
He: liquid pools ~ dusky depths ~ from dusk ~ till dawn ~ your every curve ~ I study

She: your multi~functional tongue ~ a Swiss Army Knife ~ cutting me down to sighsin a cloud
He:  tempered steel ~ custom made ~ your radiant heat ~ sharpening ~ its blade
She: love me gentle ~ love me rough ~ make me sigh ~ make me moan ~ love me til I scream enough
He: a cloud ~ that bursts ~ your flames to sate ~ i make my mark ~ on peaks you crest

She: each pore ~ to  my very core ~ seduced and ~ begging for more
He: a meal ~ to partake ~ on every grain ~ your name ~ I etch
She: riches of your lust ~ drip like golden honey ~ my feast
He: temple ~ of your soul ~ i worship ~ in gulps i drink ~ dregs i drain
She: each drop passion’s gems ~ chiseled in lust ~ smoothing raw diamond edges ~ into perfected love
He: in its polished cuts ~ thousand multitude ~ your reflections ~ intoxicating me

She: I inhaled you ~ and exhaled fire ~ a tormenting need ~ only you can sate
He: taking flight ~ an eagle’s view ~ in search ~ of a cloud ~ your thirst ~ to quench
She: my breath caught in a moan ~ journey of ecstasy ~ my body ~ willing sojourner ~ in the trails you blaze
He: blazing light ~ a fiery white ~ you stoke my coals ~ your breath I catch

She: Slip into the warm ~ integrate your body with mine ~ lustgazed on passion’s playground ~ our bodies take flight
He: Two halves of one ~  An altitude ~ we course ~ twiddling controls ~ accelerating higher
She: swim into the ripples of my passion ~ ocean of my love ~ bathe in the sea of satiation
He: Crashing waves ~ in spasmodic jerks ~ caught ~ in a blazing ~ inferno

She: your rose of passion ~ drenched in pearls ~ caressed ~ enchanted ~ awakened to you
He: quenched ~ and spent ~ you taste ~ fresh ~ on lips ~ mine
She: you are the blood ~ coursing through my veins ~ percolating
He: looking through ~ your liquid gaze ~ my walls crumble
She: etch your sighs ~ between my thighs ~ watch me rise ~ I can’t disguise ~ you own me
He: the storm ~it comes ~ your waters rise ~ my wind it stirs

moon_dnceShe: we dance ~ in a trance ~ spinning lust to love ~ bewitchment ~ the music we make
He: take my hand ~ a dance ~ your trembling voice ~ playing a symphony ~ to the strings ~ I strum
She: riches of your love ~ the adornment of my soul
He: falling dusk ~ your fingers ~ for mine made

© Dorianna and Dr. Sunil Kalmath 2013


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20 Responses to A Lover’s Banter

  1. UrsusCor says:

    Such as many wonder-full experiences tend to be, I found myself here quite by accident. I enjoyed the dance of words between you and the good doctor. The choppy style playing off each other … allowing all the sensuality of eternity in an instant to seep from the silent spaces. Crashing on the shores of tangled linen.

    I like it here …

    • Dorianna says:

      Thank you UrsusCor for visiting. So happy you accidentally stopped by and that you like it here. Your poetic comment is appreciated. Look forward to your next visit 🙂

  2. Laurie Kolp says:

    Wonderfully hot collaboration… especially the tongue part.

  3. brian miller says:

    ha. i love hte he said she said in this…the swiss army knife tongue cutting me down to sighs…ha…that is my fav for sure….i like the sensuality but the humour in that is another level of intimacy that is just cool….

  4. Mary says:

    Beautifully seductive writing!

  5. Rod E. Kok says:

    This definitely deserves a re-read. There is so much in this piece. Love the collaboration!

  6. 1emeraldcity says:

    A revisit…and I still say…wow! this couldn’t have been easy to accomplish, you two…but you did it! 🙂

  7. I like that this is written in a conversational style

  8. Tony Maude says:

    Well now, I’m off to cool down. So many rich, sensual images here – a poetic feast for sure.

  9. vbholmes says:

    The back-and-forth dialogue is the perfect vehicle–well done.

  10. Myrna says:

    I need a cold shower now. I like the tongue part too, and I smiled a the man’s description of a giant coming to life. Guess all men think that way. Ha.

  11. This is the hottest thing I’ve read in a while. Stirring. I love the free verse association and the building of momentum.

  12. Sizzling & lusty ~ Love the collaborative work, words inspiring & weaving like one ~

  13. Pamela says:

    Excellent blend of words with you both.


  14. This collaboration was posted February 2013. Have there been more posts?
    Sure, and each who read, live with you and the doctor your moments..each in our own experiences. Your words playful, and serious–as you (and we) get down to business. Wow, that “tongue” scene…the best, more for its long-lasting qualities of hurting SO NICE!

    Thanks for your visit also

    • Dorianna says:

      Oh yes, Steve more posts, though not of a dual nature. I just wanted to share this particular one from the archives because of its nature and being somewhat new to dVerse.

  15. OH! SPECIAL thanks for the music, yes, it is also that which teases the tastebuds.

  16. kelvin s.m. says:

    …ah, rich in musical undertones… the entire piece reads like as if i’m listening to a musical play where the two protagonists sing lines of love & pain… keep colaborating more… this is wonderful & a brave act… loved this… smiles…

  17. Poet Laundry says:

    A dance of passion mirrored in the words of two. Spicy.

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